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Hi my name is Todd Gordon

Founder & Creative Director of
Webdog Consulting

I use to have a corporate job & several bosses but one day I realized that I was working on someone else's dream & not my own. Well, I woke up from that dream (which was really a nightmare) and began to make my own dreams a reality. But it wasn't easy...

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I was now on my way to starting my own business. I knew that's what I wanted to do, but I didn't have a solid game plan. I was a natural networker but my skill sets in closing sales & marketing was lacking and I struggled for a long time.

I started searching for a better way and began what I call a "self-directed" education in Internet Marketing & Personal Development and things started clicking. Or should I say "Pay-Per-Clicking". I was going through a ton of information and trying just about everything that I could, but I just wasn't satisfied. I was barely paying the bills and I knew deep down inside that something had to change.

Finally, someone introduced me to a smarter way of doing things and gave me some specific business building strategies and to my surprise that's exactly what I needed and it made all the difference in the world. With good old fashion hard work and great advice from someone who already had the kind of results that I was looking for, I finally learned a better way. Having the right tools & techniques, along with improving my personal skill sets, I quickly started generating targeted leads online and closing more sales and I learned how to develop my own personal Business Blueprint for Success and I have never looked back!

So, give yourself an edge and start generating the positive momentum that you've been looking for by taking advantage of our FREE training & we will be right here to help you with whatever you need.

At Webdog Consulting...

Our Dedicated Team of experts are ready & eager to help
by providing a Formula for Success to create...
  • Lead Generation Funnels that Target the Right People.
  • Systems & Processes that Strategically Moves Business Forward.
  • Tools, Tips & Tricks with a Competitive Edge.
  • Personal Mentoring with Qualified Coaching & Accountability.
  • Online Training & Digital Library to Improve Personal Skill Sets.
  • Ongoing Community Support from Top Business Leaders.

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